We are nearing the hotly-anticipated release of Resident Evil 4's big ol' remake on 24th March, and while this top-of-the-range facelift was never going to be the kind of title to make the leap to Switch, we have now seen a version that we almost want to play even more.

Yes, if the headline has not already given it away, the opening few minutes of the original Resident Evil 4 has been fantastically recreated in LEGO form by animator Cara Aleatorio and the results really are something (thanks, Kotaku). You can check out the full video above, but be warned that there is a certain amount of bad language used at one point, so watch at your own discretion.

There are a lot of different LEGO fan films based on a variety of properties out there, but few are quite as detailed as what Aleatorio has done in this instance. From the cutscenes (which use audio from the original game) to the seamless transitions into gameplay, complete with missed shots and subbing-out weapons, the animation has us wishing that an official LEGO game was in development (something that we highly doubt would ever happen).

Despite the realism of the project, the short was actually fully animated in Blender, comprising around 3,000 images and taking almost two months to complete. This being said, the figures look like they have walked straight out of an actual LEGO set — just look at those tiny scratches on all of the models!

It's true, Switch owners might be stuck with the older build of the game (which still received a respectable 8/10 in our review) while the new flashy version comes to other consoles, but a video like this has actually got us reaching for our minifigures over our Joy-Cons...

What do you make of the above recreation? Build your thoughts in the comments below.

[source youtube.com, via kotaku.com]