Pokémon Bank
Image: The Pokémon Company

Update #2:

The login issues appear to have been resolved, and everyone with the Poké Transporter installed on 3DS should now be able to access it.

Update #1:

We've had a slight development, with word quickly spreading online that the Poké Transporter is not working for some users. We booted up the app ourselves to take a look and were greeted with the following message:

"Your pass for Pokémon Bank has expired, so you can't use Poké Transporter. Please open Pokémon Bank to purchase a pass."

If you've also got the same message, it seems you shouldn't worry too much. According to an update on the official Pokémon Japanese website earlier this month, the Transporter application will also be made free to everyone who has downloaded it.

While users without a pass don't seem to be able to access this service right now, users who have recently renewed their sub have reported being able to access this app.

If we hear about any developments or updates, we'll let you know.

Original story:

It's the end of the beginning for the 3DS today and although it's a sad day for many fans of the 3D handheld, it's not all bad news. On the Pokémon front, the 3DS application Pokémon Bank is now officially free to use... at least in the foreseeable future. Here's a reminder from Serebii.net:

When you now boot up this application, instead of the number of days remaining on your subscription the game now states "Free trial period! ?40 days" (note: the days remaining will cycle through continually). Once again, it's unclear how exactly long this service will remain available for now that the 3DS eShop shutdown has happened. So do whatever you need to while you still can.

Pokémon Bank started out in 2014 and was replaced by the paid service Pokémon Home on the Nintendo Switch in 2020. You can learn more in our previous post:

Will you be making use of the Pokémon Bank app now that it's free to use? Comment below.