Pokemon Bank
Image: 3DS

March marks the month of the 3DS eShop shutdown and as part of this, The Pokémon Company previously announced it would be making its Pokémon Bank service on Nintendo's handheld device entirely free.

Serebii.net webmaster Joe Merrick has now highlighted one of the changes that will be made on the software side as part of the "free to use" process. Instead of showing the amount of "days remaining" until your Bank subscription ends, as of this next update, the app will now just cycle through continually. Here's a look:

Joe added how it would stay like this until the servers for Bank / 3DS were eventually killed off. Before this update was announced last February, users of Pokémon Bank were required to pay a subscription fee to access the entire service. There was also a free user option, but it was limited.

Pokémon Bank allows users to add Pokémon from the earlier Game Boy generations through to the 3DS games to the cloud service and was succeeded by the paid service Pokémon Home for Switch in 2020.

Have you got Pokémon Bank on your 3DS? Are you still using it for storage? Comment below.