Project EGG
Image: D4 Enterprise

D4 Enterprise has revealed that it's bringing games from its online digital storefront, Project EGG (Engrossing Game Gallery), to Switch in the future. The retro games distribution service acts as a place to play officially emulated rereleases of older Japanese PC, arcade, and console games.

Announcing the news on PR Times Japan (thanks Gematsu), the aim is to bring as many titles as possible to the service on Switch. It's not known whether this service will be coming west or not at the moment, but we sure hope so, as this is pretty big news for retro enthusiasts. D4 Enterprise is currently the sole worldwide distributor of MSX Licensing Corporation.

You might remember the name D4 Enterprise from the Wii days, as this is the company that helped Nintendo get some arcade and MSX and Neo Geo games onto the Virtual Console. Metal Slug, Fatal Fury, Art Of Fighting are just a handful of titles the publisher has brought to the VC, and it also helped out with some Wii U and 3DS VC titles.

On the current Windows service for Project EGG, you can get MSX, PC-98, and PC-88 games, while D4 Enterprise also has a history of redistributing games from major companies like Konami, Capcom, Compile, Falcom, and man, many more. Perhaps we'll see some classic Ys titles or Xanadu on the service on Switch?

You can browse all of the titles on the service on the Amusement Center website. There's no official date as to when Project EGG will be available on Switch, or even which games will be coming, but we really hope to see it over this side of the world, too.

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