Eiji Aonuma Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Image: Nintendo

The latest trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has dropped, with Zelda series boss Eiji Aonuma showcasing a host of exciting new elements in a 13-minute gameplay trailer that also stuck a long-rumoured TOTK-themed Switch OLED announcement at the very end.

We got an extended look at various new Rune abilities, including Recall (which enables you to rewind an object's movement), Fuse (which lets you mash objects and equipment together in inventive ways), Ultrahand (which essentially turns the game into Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts by gluing makeshift vehicles together with a glowy green goo), and Ascend (which allows Link to 'swim' through solid matter above him and pop out on top).

In terms of bombshell announcements, this trailer was arguably lacking. However, the potential for incredible and unpredictable emergent events using just the new abilities showcased has us excited to dive into this "unfamiliar" Hyrule, as Aonuma called it. It looks like there are some enormously powerful toys in this box, and personally we cannot wait to try fusing our Master Sword with a stick — and maybe another stick? — to make a Maaaster Sword. How about 50 bombs on an arrow with a Keese Eye jammed on the top and firing it in the general direction of Calamity Ganon? Okay, so there's a question mark over your ability to fuse multiple items at the moment, but ooo, the possibilities...

So while we understand how this understated little gameplay trailer might not get the pulse racing like a cutscene-filled 90 seconds with growly voice acting and slow-motion clips of falling swords, gnarly hands, and LORE, we're still jazzed at the sandbox potential of Link's new toys.

But what are your thoughts? Were you expecting to hear more about Zelda and her role in this game? Did you expect something more? Do you really want to know more before launch, or are you considering a media blackout until the game arrives on 12th May? Let us know in the polls below, and drop into the comments section to let us know exactly what you thought of Mr. Aonuma's showcase.

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