It's another week and that means another Nintendo Switch exclusive has arrived. This time around it's the Bayonetta storybook spin-off, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

In this new adventure, players take on the role of Cereza - a young apprentice witch who goes on a fateful journey into a forbidden forest to gain pthe power to save her mother. You'll also be able to control her infernal demon partner Cheshire as you explore, puzzle-solve and fight.

In our Nintendo Life review, we gave this game seven out of ten stars - calling it a delightfully stylish origin tale about Bayonetta, even if it is a little placid at times.

Of course, with the game now available in certain parts of the world - we're curious to know if you'll be picking it up on the Nintendo Switch at some point. So vote in our poll and leave a comment below.

Will you be getting Bayonetta Origins? (1,349 votes)

  1. I've already got it8%
  2. I've pre-ordered it8%
  3. Absolutely8%
  4. Probably, but not right away16%
  5. I haven't decided yet7%
  6. I might wait for a sale14%
  7. I wasn't really a fan of the demo2%
  8. I'll stick with Bayonetta 34%
  9. No, I'm not interested33%