The tenth (yes, tenth) entry in Nihon Falcom's huge Trails series, The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, launches this summer, and publisher NIS America is gearing up for a mammoth entry with a brand new trailer, showcasing all of the new and returning characters that will be banding together for this new entry.

Before we jump into the trailer here, we want to give you a little warning — don't read the comments on YouTube at all. There are major spoilers for Reverie, which launched in Japan back in 2020, so be cautious when looking up anything about the game.

Taking place five months after the end of Trails of Cold Steel IV, Trails into Reverie focuses on three groups of heroes from across Trails series history. These three groups each have their own storyline, which will eventually intertwine and bring a true and final conclusion to both the Crossbell arc and the Erebonia arc of the Trails franchise.

The Day of Reindependence focuses on the heroes of Crossbell from the Special Support Section — Lloyd, Elie, Randy, Tio, and Noel — the stars of Trails from Zero and the soon-to-be-released Trails to Azure. Lost Symbol focuses on Rean Schwarzer and the new and old Class VII from the Cold Steel games. Lastly, The Miserable Sinners will star a brand new group of characters, led by the mysterious 'C'.

While Japan is currently on Kuro no Kiseki 2, which is game 12 in the franchise, we're on the cusp of getting the final piece of the Crossbell saga in the fifth game in the series, Trails to Azure, which launches next week on Switch:

Trails into Reverie launches on 7th July 2023 on Switch. Have you taken the plunge into this daunting series yet? Let us know in the comments.