Update [Fri Mar 10, 2023 11:30 GMT]: Bandai Namco has responded to fan requests to have the Japanese voiceover included in the Switch version of Digimon World: Next Order in Europe.

A patch will be coming in the near future to add this option for us in Europe. Bandai Namco wasn't able to confirm when this will be dropping but said that it would keep fans updated. Japanese audio is already available in the Steam version, as well as in the North American Switch version.

In our original article (below), we reported that Japanese audio wasn't included with the Switch version of the game without specifying regions. However, it's only missing from the European version of the game. We apologise for the error.

Original article [Wed 22nd Feb, 2023 19:00 GMT]: Digimon World: Next Order has made the digi-jump over to Switch today. The game is an enhanced port of the PS4 version that launched in 2017 and includes a Beginner Mode and a Run feature. However, the Switch version is missing one feature that's included in the Steam version — dual audio.

The PC release of the game, and the original PS4 rerelease, allows you to swap between both English and Japanese voices in the menu. However, fans have reported online that the Switch version doesn't include the Japanese audio (via ResetEra).

We're currently working on a review of the Switch port of the game, and we haven't been able to find the option to swap between English and Japanese voices. We've checked both the main menu and in-game menu settings, and as far as we can see, there's no option to change the voice-overs. This seems like an odd decision when the option is available in the Steam port and in the original Western release.

Perhaps Bandai Namco will patch the voice option in at a later date, or maybe it'll be available as free DLC, but for now, we can't find the option. We'll let you know if that changes in the future, of course.