Image: COWCAT Games

Developer and publisher COWCAT Games has announced that BROK the InvestiGator has received a new update that introduces a range of accessibility features for visually impaired players.

The update is available now and adds full narration via text-to-speech, along with adapted puzzles, tutorials, and positional audio during fights. Here's a look at everything included in the new update:

-Fully narrated via quality text-to-speech and audiodescriptions (characters, locations and scenes.)
- Puzzles adapted for blindness.
- All puzzles and fights can be skipped.
- Adapted tutorials.
- Buttons to repeat the last voice speech and instructions.
- Positional audio for fights.
- No online connectivity required (after the download).
- No specific device required: play with keyboard or a controller.
- Additional options: larger fonts and increased contrast (backgrounds and enemies.)
- Compatible with all versions of the game (Steam, GOG, PS4™, PS5™, Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox)

Brok Update
Image: COWCAT Games

In our review for Brok the InvestiGator, we said that the game "is a true original" with "consistently characterful art", but mentioned that the disparate genres can sometimes clash, awarding it a score of 7/10.

What do you make of this new update for Brok the InvestiGator? Let us know your thoughts with a comment down below.