Nintendo last week surprised fans with a shadow drop of the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance libraries for Switch Online.

If you're wondering how Nintendo's official emulations hold up, game developer and YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer has now taken a look at the new libraries. The verdict is these emulators are in a great state, especially when compared to previous releases like the N64 collection:

"I think Nintendo has knocked this out of the park...after the pretty-much failure of the N64 service when it launched it took them a long time to get that in a good place, but this one is very much polished, it works extremely well and I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of these services [GB & GBA] on the NSO."

Apart from a teaser of some games coming to these new Switch Online apps in the near future, according to Nintendo, there's no set schedule regarding when it will add games to the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance libraries.

Interestingly though, the original GBA leak for Switch Online contained a batch of dumped games. Apart from the launch titles, there were also games like Metroid: Zero Mission, Pokemon Pinball, and Drill Dozer.

How are you finding these new apps for Switch Online? What games would you like to see next? Comment below.