Fashion Dreamer

Move over Style Boutique, we've got a new fashionista on the block. Presenting - Fashion Dreamer, a new Nintendo Switch exclusive by XSEED Games.

Your task in this one is to become an influencer. You'll be relying on your fashion to carry you to stardom as you choose from over 1,400 design options and connect online to expand your network and grow your brand:

"Fashion Dreamer: Welcome to Fashion Dreamer, a fashion game where you glam it up and share your creations on your quest to become a stylish influencer. Choose from over 1,400 design options and connect online*2 to expand your friend circle and grow your brand. Got an eye for fashion? Then get styling when Fashion Dreamer debuts exclusively on Nintendo Switch this year."

This game once again arrives exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in 2023. Will you be checking it out? Comment below.