Image: Re-Logic

Jason "Leinfors" Parker, a well-known QA Tester on the huge indie sandbox game Terraria, has passed away, Re-Logic has announced.

Sharing the announcement on the Terraria forums as well as on Twitter, the development team said Leinfors was a "devoted partner, friend, and brother to us all" and acknowledged the huge impact he had on the community and on the game.

Leinfors was hugely active in the Terraria community and was loved among the playerbase for his attentiveness, kindness, and willingness to help. There are rare in-game items that are named after the QA Tester, and he was highly regarded for always reading Community Support messages and providing feedback on Balance suggestions.

Many members across the forums and other social media are paying their respects to him today, and it's clear to see the impact Leinfors has had on the game, the community, and the development team.

From everyone here at Nintendo Life, our thoughts go out to Leinfors' family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.

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