Apex Legends
Image: Electronic Arts

Back in July last year, it was discovered EA and Respawn Entertainment were working on a brand new single-player adventure set in the Apex Legends Universe.

In a new development, Electronic Arts has reportedly cancelled the project, codenamed Titanfall Legends. "Three people familiar with the matter" have apparently confirmed this with Bloomberg. The same article explains how EA gave a "disappointing outlook" for revenue in the current quarter, and as a result, would also be cancelling Apex Legends for mobile.

Management has apparently informed a team of about 50 people that EA will attempt to find new positions for them within the company. And anyone who can't be reassigned to a new role will be given a severance package and let go.

Although this seemingly marks the end of this project, Respawn's battle royale is still thriving - generating $2 billion in earnings since its original launch in 2019. The free-to-play title was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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