Chrono Cross
Image: Square Enix

Following on from Monday's statement, Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition's promised update is now available to download on Switch. Square Enix shared the patch notes over on Steam and the official Japanese website, which basically reconfirms the company's message from earlier in the week.

On the official website, the patch notes state that the game will now run at 60fps in battle on all platforms, though there is an additional caveat with the Switch version — in the final battle only, the game will run at 30fps.

Pip's growth system has also been adjusted, with the Japanese website going into a ton of detail on how Pip's evolutions have changed. If more detailed notes are provided in English, we'll update this post with them. Other minor bugs have been patched out.

Here are the full patch notes from Square Enix for version 1.0.2 on Switch.

Update Content
・Framerate improvements
・Changes to the growth system for Pip
・Other minor bug fixes

The update should be available for all platforms now, and hopefully this is a big step up for the remaster. It's almost a year later, but it's never too late to go back to the game.

Will you be returning to Chrono Cross with this update? Let us know in the comments.

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