Last month, Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key was delayed from a February launch until 24th March 2023. At the time, the game's producer Junzo Hosoi mentioned how the title required "additional time to fine-tune".

Now, in an update, Koei Tecmo has revealed the third entry has officially gone gold. In other words, it's now completed development and is ready to go into production. Here's a Google translation of this update

"Development of "Ryza's Atelier 3" has now been completed. It will be delivered to everyone in about a month, so please wait a little longer. If you haven't made a reservation yet, hurry up."

In the original delay announcement, the producer said the team was making the game "even better" to make it worth the wait. You can see this message about the delay in full in our previous post. In somewhat related news, Gust also recently announced a remake of Atelier Marie.

Will you be checking out this game when it finally arrives on the Switch? Comment below.

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