Cozy Grove

Skybound Entertainment and iam8bit have announced a physical edition of the Animal Crossing-inspired game Cozy Grove.

This hard copy, in cooperation with developers Spry Fox and Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, will be made available as a physical retail edition exclusively from GameStop for $29.99 USD, and also as an exclusive edition for $34.99 USD from iam8bit. Pre-orders are now open.

The retail edition comes with five sticker sheets and a copy of the game, and will go on sale on 30th May 2023. As for the iam8bit exclusive edition - it'll include a random enamel pin (from a set of 28) and a cartridge version of the game. You can also buy a bundle of all 28 pins for $149.99 USD. This version will begin shipping in the second quarter of 2023.

Both physical versions of the game will include the new NeighBEARS DLC on the cartridge. You can learn a bit more about Cozy Grove in our Nintendo Life review:

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