The iconic first-person shooter GoldenEye 007 returns today after a 25 year wait. If you're not familiar with the game's history or are just curious to know more about this legendary N64 title, don't worry - Rare has got you covered.

Back when it released its Rare Replay collection on the Xbox One in 2015, it actually prepared a short documentary about "the making of GoldenEye 007" - with hopes this classic might one day overcome licensing issues and see the light of day once again.

This "work-in-progress edit" features a bunch of famous faces from Ken Lobb to Grant Kirkhope, and was "leaked" onto the internet a number of years ago.

Since the confirmation of the Switch and Xbox release date earlier this week, the same video is now doing the rounds on social media. So whether you've seen it before or it's your first screening - it's well worth watching and shares some wonderful insight into how this influential shooter was born.

We previously featured this same Rare Replay documentary in our "25 years of GoldenEye 007" facts round-up last year:

Will you be jumping back into GoldenEye 007 later today? Fire off a comment below.