Devolver Digital has announced that it's bringing last year's stunning-looking action game Trek to Yomi to Switch next week. On 30th January, you'll be able to experience this gorgeous monochrome side-scroller in the palm of your hand.

Heavily inspired by classic Japanese samurai films, particularly those from legendary director Akira Kurosawa, Trek to Yomi follows Hiroki, a samurai who is on a quest for revenge after his home is burned down. To achieve this, and to pick himself up, he must enter Yomi, the Japanese underworld, and face off against his past in order to rise up and become a hero.

Flying Wild Hog's game wears all of its inspirations on its sleeve — the music uses instruments from the Edo period, multiple well-known Japanese mythological creatures are fought, and the story beats follow that of classic samurai films. But the combat is pretty in-depth, and you'll have a chance to fight with more than just a trust katana.

Here's more on the game from publisher Devolver Digital:

Trek to Yomi, a captivating cinematic journey from the creative partnership of Leonard Menchiari (THE ETERNAL CASTLE) and Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior), will make its anticipated debut on Nintendo Switch on January 30.

Experience an enchanting tale of romance, duty and death as lone swordsman Hiroki seeks to honour a vow to his dying master and protect the people he loves. A love letter to classic Japanese cinema, Trek to Yomi marries sumptuous monochromatic visuals with classic 2D combat and gentle puzzle solving to create a rich, atmospheric adventure.

Cinematic Presentation
Stunning vistas and striking movement in the spirit of classic samurai film combine to create a true cinematic experience.

Stylish Combat
Engage multiple enemies at once with an intuitive combat system balancing careful attack and defence using the traditional weapons of the samurai.

Mythic Storytelling
Inspired by classical Japanese folklore, follow the tumultuous life of Hiroki during his heroic fall and emotional return against the forces of evil.

Thrilling Soundtrack
The dramatic and tender story is set against a memorable score featuring idiomatic Japanese instruments accurate to the Edo period.

Our friends over at Push Square enjoyed the game back when it was released on PS5 in May 2022, awarding it a healthy 7/10, praising the atmosphere and thoughtful difficulty settings, though they did say that the combat might take a while to click. Still, that's another Switch port to add to the library this year — and we're only in January!

Have you played Trek to Yomi before? Will you be grabbing the game on Switch next week? Let us know!