RE:CALL, the adventure game from the creators of Evan's Remains, is available to buy now from the Switch eShop!

Showcasing its beautiful visual style in a brand new launch trailer (above), RE:CALL promises an "epic narrative" that spans ten different characters. Dive into the memories of these people and piece together a mind-bending mystery story that will see you alter memories to shape the future.

The pixel art is stunning and it looks like a GBA game — albeit with a few extra little tweaks that bring it up to modern-day standards. Look at those portraits and those cutscenes, for instance! But the charming little characters bobbing up and down on screen evoke images of us playing our GBA SPs in bed, staying up way too late in the process to unravel every little secret and story beat.

Solving puzzles in your characters' memories will change events in the present day as well as the future as you help the cast recall their memories. For more info on the game, check out our previous story:

RE:CALL is available now on the eShop. Will you be downloading this and storing it on your Switch's memory? Let us know!