Matías Schmied, the developer of the mystery platformer game Evan's Remains, is back with his next project — and it's out on Switch very soon. RE:CALL is an adventure game with visual novel elements, and publisher Whitehorn Games has revealed that you'll be able to dive into memories and shape the present and future on Switch when the game releases on 17th January 2023!

RE:CALL will see you control ten different characters and interact with their memories to change the past. However, your choices will have consequences and will affect the immediate future. With adorable pixel graphics and gorgeous portraits (par the course for Schmied!), RE:CALL might look flashy in the trailer, but we have a feeling we'll be thrown into some mind-bending twists as we try to discover why these ten people have this mysterious power.

Here's what to expect from RE:CALL when it launches early next year, courtesy of Whitehorn Games:

In RE:CALL, players embark on a visual novel-style adventure through the playable character’s memories. Presented through flashbacks, the protagonist wields the power to alter their recollection of past events in order to immediately affect the present. A guard might be standing by the door with a minor head wound, but what if the protagonist remembered picking up a gun instead of a rock? Solve puzzles, change the hearts and minds of friends and foes, and reshape the future!

Key features of RE:CALL include:

- Memoirs of a Player: Get immersed in an epic narrative-driven adventure with a diverse cast of 10 unique characters, each with their own quirks and relationships with the protagonist.

- A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings…: Changing the past has immediate consequences in the future. Use this strange power to escape a factory, solve a crime, and win over your adversaries!

- True Detective: The circumstances surrounding the protagonist’s powers are steeped in mystery. Launch an investigation to figure out who’s behind it all!

RE:CALL launches on the eShop on 17th January 2023. Did you play Evan's Remains? Will you be grabbing this next mystery title on Switch? Let us know how your future Switch gaming will look in the comments!