Zelda: BotW
Image: Nintendo

Strap yourselves in for another glitch from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, folks!

This latest game-breaking trick comes courtesy of Gaming Reinvented (via users Simaubaka and LegendofLinkk) and essentially provides Link with invincibility and unlimited stamina, if executed successfully. Gaming Reinvented breaks down the glitch into two "phases", the first being the 'Inventory Storage' glitch, which effectively forms the basis of the whole shebang, and the second being the 'Aqua Reverse Memory Storage' phase (or "ARMS", if you like).

We won't go into the specific steps here, because there are a whole bunch of pre-requisites that will be required, along with some exceptional timing with your button presses, so you'll need to watch the video for a full breakdown. It's probably worth it for the end result though; the footage depicts Link going up against Lynels and a Stone Talus and taking on no damage whatsoever. It's pretty wild stuff!

A day may come when the Zelda community ceases to find new ways to break Breath of the Wild, but it is not this day. Maybe when Tears of the Kingdom launches... Heck, maybe not even then.

Are you up for taking this particular glitch for a spin? Let us know how you get on with a comment down below!

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