Scarface / Duck Hunt
Image: Nintendo Life

If you've ever seen the 1983 version of Scarface starring the excellent Al Pacino, then you'll know what a mischievous, rambunctious fellow that Tony Montana is. He's got quite the temper on him, and we reckon a few video game sessions would go a long way to helping him calm down a bit.

It seems that photographer 'Dwayne Shoots Toys' agrees and has created a remarkable photo depicting a toy version of Tony Montana playing Duck Hunt on the NES. Check it out:

All the props have been handcrafted and the Tony Montana figure has been altered to feature the sling the character gains after a failed assassination attempt at a nightclub. The gun featured in the movie, however, has of course been replaced by the iconic NES zapper, complete with its distinctive colour palette.

It's an excellent idea and the end result is a fantastic photo that would look awesome displayed on a canvas or print. Montana certainly looks like he's concentrating very hard on getting a decent score!

What do you make of this photo piece featuring Tony Montana and Duck Hunt? Share your thoughts in the comments below, Chico!