Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Image: Nintendo

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link might not necessarily be everyone's favourite, but there are plenty of Nintendo fans out there who still have fond memories of the 1988 NES title.

If you have ever wondered what this game would potentially look like if it was revived for another Nintendo generation (like the GBA era), then check out this wonderful fan art from pixel artist and Twitter user 'huttaburger'. For the enemy designs, they apparently took some inspiration from Link to the Past and the original Zelda title.

The same pixel artist has previously reimagined classics like Super Mario Sunshine as Game Boy Advance titles. And some others in the same field have reinvented titles like Paper Mario series for Nintendo's retro handheld devices.

If the above artwork has got you interested in Zelda II, you can check out this retro entry via the Nintendo Switch Online service. Obviously, you'll need to have a subscription to play these games. In the same NES app, you can also access a special version of the game - where you start with your attack, magic and life all maxed out at level eight. It should make things a bit easier!

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