Mario Kart Halo DK Mountain
Image: Nintendo Life

We have seen a lot of Nintendo-themed builds in Halo Infinite's Forge Mode over the past few months including Ocarina of Time's Kokiri Forest and Super Mario 64's Peach's Castle. One thing has been missing from each of these however: a giant cannon that fires you onto the slopes of an active volcano.

Fortunately, two fans have managed to fix this very real problem as they took to the shooter's creative game mode to build the renowned Mario Kart circuit, DK Mountain (thanks, Go Nintendo). @Its_L010 took to Twitter to share a video of their work with collaborator @Ludo_HT and we must say, the results are really impressive.

You can see a tour of the circuit in all its glory by checking out the video below:

Whether you remember the course from its GCN days in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! or from Mario Kart Wii (we imagine that nobody discovered it for the first time through Mario Kart Tour, but if you did — hi!), the track's twists and turns are instantly recognisable in this big build. And the details are all there! You've got the rolling boulders, the DK signs, even a giant angry face in the side of the mountain itself!

We won't lie, Master Chief wasn't the first character that we imagined for a Mario Kart crossover, though seeing him ride around those corners has got us picturing what the soldier's buggy would look like with a bright drift mark out the back and a banana peel in hand...

What do you make of Mario Kart in Halo? Which course would you like to see next? Start your engines in the comments and let us know!

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