Inazuma Eleven
Image: Level-5

For most of us Nintendo fans, Level-5 holds a special place in our hearts. Between the Professor Laytons, Inazuma Elevens and Yo-Kai Watches, the chances are that we have all come across the studio at least once or twice in our gaming days. Now, it looks like a new IP is on the horizon.

Shared in the company's 'Happy New Year' card (one of the many compiled by Famitsu), Level-5 announced that 2023 will see us receiving a whole lot of fresh news. This will include details on the upcoming Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road of Heroes (if this title hangs around, that is), as well as the inclusion of a brand new IP.

The following message comes courtesy of Google's Translate services, in which the studio teases what is to come in 2023:

This year, the 25th anniversary, we will take on new challenges! In addition to new information on " Inazuma Eleven ", we are also planning to announce a completely new work, so please look forward to it!

Of course, the chance of this "new work" coming out West is extremely slim. Level-5 announced that it was "virtually halting" its North American production arm back in 2020, with no sign of any releases making an appearance outside of Japan for the foreseeable future.

Just last week we got a closer look at the upcoming Inazuma Eleven title with a brand new gameplay trailer, though whether the game will see a Western release is still unclear. Perhaps some of the announcements for 2023 - Level-5's 25th anniversary, no less - will provide us with a little more information on when and where the new projects will be releasing. But for now, at least, we will just have to be content with wondering what the fresh IP will entail.

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