Super Nintendo World
Image: Universal Studios Hollywood

We're just over a month away from the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The theme park will be opening its doors to the public on 17th February 2023, but a few lucky members of the press and theme park enthusiasts have been given access and posted exclusive footage of the attractions.

Theme park YouTube channel MiceChat is one of the lucky few who have been able to have a look around the park ahead of its opening day next month. And the channel has shared around 2 minutes of footage from its tour. We've posted the video (along with another impressions piece) further down, but for those of you who don't want to see the theme park before it opens — or before you can visit yourselves — consider this a spoiler warning!

The theme park enthusiast channel was full of praise in the short video, calling the Toadstool Cafe "amazing" and the merch shop "fantastic". There are statues, ornaments, and references to all sorts of Mario games like Super Mario Sunshine and the Mario Party series. And, of course, we know about the Mario Kart ride, but here we get a glimpse at some of the decorations around the area, including some snazzy-looking racing suits.

You can check out MiceChat's recent video on the park below. The channel also has another video on their visit, though the newest video below is a more up-to-date version, but you can still watch the old one here.

MiceChat isn't the only YouTube channel to share footage and photos from inside the walls of Super Nintendo World. Attractions Magazine also got a chance to explore the new park and posted some extremely detailed impressions on their website, including some incredible photos of things from Mechakoopa to Bowser's throne.

The Magazine was also extremely positive about their exclusive visit to the park — calling themselves a "lifelong Nintendo fan", they also pointed out the "emphasis here seems to be on play and exploration, and that to me has always been what both video games and theme parks are all about".

Check out Attractions Magazine's video below, which contains lots of still shots and narration which goes into detail about what they saw at the park. To say we're itching to go is an understatement.

How do you think the park is shaping up so far? Are you going to try and visit Super Nintendo World when it opens next month? Let us know!

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