Fortnite Chapter 4 Shockwave Hammer
Image: Nintendo Life

Epic Games took to the @FortniteStatus Twitter account yesterday to announce that a period of game downtime was scheduled for this morning (10th January) to fix several mechanical issues. The maintenance was performed as planned and the Fortnite serves are now back online.

Of the many issues that the patch set out to tackle, the most prominent was with the recently-added Shockwave Hammer - a new weapon which had an easily exploited glitch to remove its cooldown period (thanks, Eurogamer). Ever since the weapon's addition in last month's Chapter 4 update, the hammer became a fan-favourite, but it was quickly removed from the game ('vaulted', as the kids say) for its glitches.

The Shockwave Hammer has since been reinstated ('unvaulted', if you will) and there are no reports of similar issues as of yet.

Chapter 4's additions have also seen the removal of both the vaulting move and Deku Smash ability. The next regular game update is expected to arrive next week where hopefully these issues will continue to be addressed.

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