Fire Emblem Engage Fem Alear and Sommie
Image: Nintendo

Ahead of the game's official release tomorrow, Nintendo has released the customary day one patch for Fire Emblem Engage. The Big N has also shared the brief patch notes over on its website (thanks, Nintendo Everything!).

Like most day one updates, this one preps the game for full online functionality including the Expansion Pass, a link to the eShop, and a free bonus that players can get in Somniel after chapter 5.

Let's go over what to expect from today's release date update:

Ver.1.1.0 - 19th January 2023

-Compatibility with Expansion Pass
- A link to the Nintendo eShop "Additional Content" has been added to the title screen.
- Added free update benefits. You can receive it when you go to Somniel after Chapter 5.
- You can now use functions related to Internet communication.

So, it's not much, but it does make sure you can get some freebies and prep your game for getting the first set of DLC characters, who will be the three lords from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Tiki from Fire Emblem: Awakening. These characters, along with other in-game support items, accessories, and a 'Silver Card, make up Wave 1 of the DLC, with three more waves due to be released in the future.

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Are you excited to take to the battlefield tomorrow? Saddle up and let us know down below!

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