Disney Dreamlight Valley Teases A New Animal Companion - With A HAT 1
Image: Gameloft

In anticipation of Disney Dreamlight Valley's February update, which will add Encanto's Mirabel and Frozen's Olaf to the valley, the Gameloft community managers are sharing little glimpses of what else is to come.

The latest tease is part of the upcoming Star Path, which is themed around Disney's 100th anniversary, and will add a new animal companion to the game. Each Star Path has added a new animal companion, like the Halloween Wind-Up Raccoon, and the cute little Christmas fox, and this one is a fancy little silver bunny with a cute hat and a teeny-tiny tuxedo. Very sweet.

The bunny was shown off on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord as a celebration of the Discord community hitting 100k members, so thank you to the Reddit, and in particular clandahlina_redux, for sharing it with everyone else.

Some may be tempted to assume that this is a hint at Alice In Wonderland's white rabbit, especially because Disney has the animated film and the 2010 Tim Burton-directed live-action remake, but it's probably not — the other Star Path animals weren't hints, just adorable critters in outfits.

We're still waiting on an exact date for that February update, so stay tuned to find out more.

Which animals would you love to see added to the game? We'd love a croc in a tutu. Tell us in the comments!

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