Cult of the Lamb
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At the very end of last year, the Cult of the Lamb developed mentioned how there was more content planned for 2023. It's now kicked off the new year with a "massive" quality of life update - allowing plkayers to perform mass blessings, auto cook and fish, rebind controls and even rename their cult.

Below is a trailer showcasing everything in this latest update:

As for the first major content update, it's still on the way. The team will be adding some "new dimensions" to combat, dungeons and the indie hit's endgame content. Here's a full list of the latest updates in Version 1.1.0, courtesy of the official game website:

Cult of the Lamb - Version 1.1.0, January 18, 2023:

  • You can now rename your Cult, view Followers, and statistics while examining your Doctrine book
  • Added the ability to Bless, Inspire, and Intimidate multiple Followers at once
  • Added a Custom Bindings section for controllers, you can now bind your controller as you wish
  • Added auto-fishing Accessibility Option
  • Added auto-cooking Accessibility Option
  • Added hold-action toggle Accessibility Option
  • Roadmap has been updated to reflect the current update plan
  • Structures can now be placed with the mouse
  • Updated the UI for Controller layouts
  • General UI improvements such as a dropdown menu for changing resolution
  • Cults and Followers can no longer be given empty names
  • Ratau’s letter now has the correct prompt
  • Play time will now display correctly if the save file exceeds 24 hours
  • Fixed an exploit in the world map allowing you to travel to locations you hadn’t unlocked
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to open all Crusade doors after opening Anura
  • Fixed an issue where the difficulty level of a loaded save file may carry over into a new game
  • Fixed an issue where multiple controllers connected will not be responsive
  • Many bug fixes and optimisations across all platforms
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