Sonic Prime
Image: Netflix

Netflix's animated series Sonic Prime is mere days away from its premiere, launching this week on December 15th.

To whet your appetite, a new clip from the show has been released on the 'Netflix After School' YouTube channel to showcase one of Sonic's first encounters with an alternate reality version of Tails. After Sonic saves Tails from an approaching vehicle, he recounts how the two originally met and became friends, after which Tails gives an alternate take on his "origin" story. Both versions of the tale showcase retro pixel art visuals similar to the original Sonic games, which - while lacking some of the platformers' character and charm - is a lovely little touch.

Sonic fans ought to know how the OG Tails came to meet the 'Blue Blur' by now: our favourite side-kick and inventor was routinely bullied as a child for having an extra tail. Sonic, who happens to be speeding by when a couple of nasty characters are abusing Tails, knocks them aside and saves him. Tails, now enamoured with his new pal, follows Sonic and becomes his new side-kick in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

This is all portrayed wonderfully in the new intro cutscene featured in Sonic Origins, but for a look at how our "new" Tails dealt with the bullies, take a look at the below clip:

What do you make of this alternate origin story for Tails? Are you looking forward to checking out Sonic Prime on Netflix? Let us know!