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Update: The rumours are true and pre-orders are now open! You can grab one here:

Original Article: Images of a special edition Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED Model have surfaced online, with photos of a Zelda-themed dock and set of Joy-Con, plus the box.

Apparently found on the Chinese forum Tieba and posted to Famiboards by user Kysen (thanks, My Nintendo News), they show a pair of gold Joy-Con sporting green (left) and white (right) motifs from the game and white rear panels to match the dock. The dock has similar gold markings emblazoned across the front, with the rear of the console itself (black) featuring subtly embossed motifs similar to those found on other special edition OLED consoles.

Here's the box — you can find more photos at the links above:

Whether these images are legitimate or elaborate fakes is unclear at the moment, although they do look impressively (and perhaps a little boringly) authentic.

The game launches on 12th May 2023 and if this is the real McCoy, we imagine this special edition Switch would launch around that time or in the weeks just prior.

Breath of the Wild launched alongside the original Switch back in 2017, of course, though a pair of special edition Zelda Joy-Con were released when Skyward Sword HD launched back in 2021.

Skyward Sword Joy-Con
Remember these Skyward Sword HD Joy-Con? — Image: Nintendo Life

A few days ago some leaked marketing materials for the game showed a Nintendo Switch Online label, leading to speculation that the game might include some sort of online functionality or multiplayer component. However, it's just as likely that the NSO label is related to cloud saves, so don't get your hopes up.

Like the look of this new SKU? Wish there had been a special edition Switch that looks like a Sheikah Slate? Let us know below if you think this is legit or not, and share your thoughts on the design.

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