Princess Peach
Image: Nintendo, Illumination

We've already seen Anya Taylor-Joy dress up as the Princess Peach for Halloween, and now in a new interview with Modern Luxury San Diego, Anya has spoken about how she's become a gamer because of her role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Just being involved with the movie got her into the hobby, and since then she's even been hitting up local arcades with her friends. Here's exactly what she had to say:

“So now I am a gamer, and it’s really fun. Ideally, I like playing at arcades, because, again, it’s like cinema; I love the ceremony. I’ll go with a whole bunch of friends. And we’ll just spend hours at the arcade.”

MTV News also recently spoke to Anya about the Mario Bros. movie and how it got her into gaming:

"Once I booked the job and my friends were so excited, we bought all of, you know, the Mario Kart world and we really went for it. My favourite way to play is at the arcade though. I've now become, like, a hardcore adult arcade individual."

Anya isn't the only Mario movie voice actor to talk about gaming in recent times. Seth Rogen (Donkey Kong) has also mentioned how he grew up playing the Mario series on a Playchoice-10 and even has a dog named Zelda. And Chris Pratt (Mario) has a similar history playing the original games in arcades growing up.

What Mario games would you recommend to Anya Taylor-Joy now that she's a gamer? Comment below.

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