Crisis Core
Image: Square Enix

This week saw the launch of Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion, a remake of the 2007 PSP title from Square Enix.

We thought the game was pretty darn good, all told, awarding it a solid 8/10 in our review and praising the thrilling combat and solid visuals. It seems, however, that Reunion developer Tose left a rather unfortunate (albeit hilarious) development oversight in the final product.

As spotted by Kotaku, a painting seen in several locations of the game appears to have been ripped straight from the Getty Images website, as evidenced by the rather garish watermark left on the painting itself. See for yourself:

The original image has been sourced by Kotaku and can be viewed on the Getty Images website: Ludgate Circus, London, 1881. Artist: John Crowther. It's clear as day that this is the exact image used in Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion given that the watermark is in the exact same place.

While undoubtely quite funny, it's also troubling that a developer would leave this in, as it not only breaks immersion for anybody who happens to spot it, but it also indicates that the artist responsible likely took the image without actually paying for the relevant license. Regardless, it's likely that Square Enix will patch it out now that it's out in the wild.

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What do you make of this little blunder? Getty yourself down to the comments and let us know.