Nintendo Minute
Image: Nintendo

A year ago, subscribers of Nintendo of America's official YouTube channel got quite a shock when 'Nintendo Minute' hosts Kit and Krysta uploaded their final video after more than 8 years and over 400 episodes.

If you've ever wanted to go back and relive the journey, you might want to hurry up. After just over a year since their departure from Nintendo, Kit and Krysta have noted on social media how Nintendo is now setting these episodes to private.

"We’ve been hearing from people today that Nintendo Minute videos are being set to private on the Nintendo channel. We checked and…yup!

"More than ever we’re so thankful to have our own channel now, where we feel our content is the best it’s ever been. It’s a shame people won’t be able to watch these classic videos anymore, but it’s going to be OK."

We had a look ourselves, and even their final goodbye episode has been set to private by Nintendo. Ouch! Fortunately, it seems like Kit & Krysta may have archived these episodes:

When Nintendo Minute wrapped up at the end of last year, both Kit and Krysta made the decision to move from the company. Since then, they've set up their own YouTube channel Kit & Krysta - sharing many stories and secrets about Nintendo and the video game industry, and also featuring guests like Reggie and Geoff Keighley.

So, if you do want to watch old Nintendo Minute episodes anytime soon, consider this a heads-up that you might not be able to!