Update #2 [Thu 27th Jan, 2022 00:45 GMT]: It seems Kit will also be moving on from Nintendo. The co-creator of Nintendo Minute announced earlier before he would be leaving the company after 13 years. Here's his full statement:

"Today is my 13 year anniversary of starting at Nintendo. It’s also my last day at Nintendo. I’m fortunate to have been a small part of this incredible company for all these years. It was the experience of a lifetime full of unforgettable moments and people.

"13 years is a long time and I’m excited to experience the surprises and fun with fresh eyes alongside all of you. I’m also grateful for the chance to reflect on this time and think about what I’d like to do next. Thanks to everyone for your support – it’s meant everything to me."

Update [Sat 15th Jan, 2022 00:45 GMT]: In an update via social media, Krysta has announced she has decided to move on from Nintendo. Here's her full statement:

"After over 14 years, I've decided to leave Nintendo. To be able to work at my dream job for so long and be part of some of the most memorable moments in gaming has truly been incredible. But the best part was all the people that I've had the privilege to work with.

"They've inspired me everyday and I'm thankful to call them lifelong friends. I'm really excited for what the future holds and I hope you all stay with me on this crazy journey. I love you all."

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser also chimed in to thank Krysta for her contributions to the company over the years:

And so did Kit:

Original story [Sat 18th Dec, 2021 04:05 GMT]: If you subscribe to Nintendo's official YouTube channel, you've likely seen at least one episode of 'Nintendo Minute' hosted by Kit and Krysta. Each week they talk about the latest happenings in the world of Nintendo and of course play some games.

Sadly though, it seems they've just aired their final episode. The show started out in 2013, and after 8 years and over 400 episodes, Nintendo has decided to end it. The "final episode" is an emotional reflection on Kit and Krysta's 'Nintendo Minute' journey over the years.

Although the show has now ended, according to the Twitter profiles of Kit and Krysta - both are still employed at Nintendo of America. If we hear anything else, we'll be sure to provide an update.

On behalf of Nintendo Life, thanks to Kit and Krysta for their contribution to the Nintendo community. How do you feel about this news yourself? Tell us in the comments below.

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