Smash mug
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Nintendo Australia has announced the Smash Australian Summer Open, a new casual Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that takes place on 18th December, reports But that's not what's caught people's attention, oh no — one of the prizes at this "open to all" event is a mug.

Okay, so this isn't the top level of Smash Bros tournaments, sure, but a mug? That you drink your morning cuppa in? It's a strange choice, and while it isn't the first time Nintendo has offered the prize at one of their events, it sticks out in particular now after the cancelled Panda Global's own (unofficial) Smash Bros. tournament, something which has got the Smash community riled up.

But, look on the bright side, an open Smash tournament where anyone can enter looks pretty fun! There are competitive rules in places, of course — Battlefield and Omega stages, no items or hazards, 1-v-1, etc. — so it might be the place where a budding Smash player finds out they're actually even better than they think they are.

A mug isn't the only prize, luckily — the top ten players will receive My Nintendo points, a t-shirt, and a coin as well as their new beverage holder. 40 others who take part will also get the enamel mug along with some My Nintendo points. You can check out the tournament rules and eligibility over on Nintendo Australia's official site.

For more competitive Smash Bros action, YouTuber and Jigglypuff player Ludwig recently announced the 'Scuffed World Tour', his own Smash Bros tournament for the top 8 Smash World Tour players. And there won't be a mug in sight.

Will you be attending the Smash Australian Summer Open? Would you be happy with winning a mug? Take a sip and let us know in the comments!

(Thanks for the tip, Davis!)