Update [Wed 7th Dec, 2022 01:55 GMT]: Minecraft's Avatar Legends DLC is now available. Alongside this a new trailer has been released.

"Play as yourself or as your favorite characters, as the Avatar Legends DLC comes with 50+ new skins, including Aang, Korra, Zuko, and Katara! And to celebrate the launch, you’ll also find something special in the Dressing Room: a free Blue Spirit Mask!"

"You are the Avatar, the embodiment of light and peace, now in Minecraft! Master all four elements and learn new skills from Team Avatar and Team Korra. Meet up with Katara, Zuko, and others while completing quests, explore all four nations from the hit shows, and channel the skins of your favorite Avatar characters. Plus, get a free Blue Spirit Mask in the Character Creator!"

Original article [Sat 26th Nov, 2022 02:45 GMT]: If you're still enjoying Minecraft on a regular basis and happen to also be a fan of the Nickelodeon series Avatar, you might be interested in this upcoming cross-promotion.

Mojang has announced it will be bringing Avatar Legends DLC to the Minecraft Marketplace on December 6th. As you can see in the promotional artwork below, there'll be some familiar skins up for grabs.

This is the only game news we've heard about Avatar in recent times. An unannounced standalone game titled Avatar: The Last Airbender has also surfaced on multiple occasions throughout 2022, but there's still no official announcement. Ubisoft's fighting game Brawlhalla recently got some Avatar characters, too.

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