It's been another huge year for the Monster Hunter series, with the arrival of the Sunbreak DLC in June this year. To thank fans for their ongoing support, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has released a special video message.

Tsujimoto has also used this opportunity to remind everyone that there's plenty on the way in 2023. You can see the message in full in the video below:

"Looking ahead to 2023, we are planning several free title updates for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak."

As previously revealed, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak roadmap for 2023 is currently comprised of another two free title updates. In Winter players can look forward to 'free title update 4' - containing an elder dragon and powered-up monster, and then in Spring there'll be the release of 'free title update 5'.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Image: Capcom

Have joined in on the monster hunting this year? Looking forward to the year ahead for Capcom's hugely successful series? Comment below.