Mario + Rabbids
Image: Ubisoft

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope was an amazing game, but as many players progressed in the game they discovered they were unable to 100% the title. Fortunately, the team at Ubisoft has now addressed this in a patch update.

This update is roughly a 176MB update and comes with a number of fixes and plenty of quality-of-life updates. Here's exactly what's included, courtesy of the Ubisoft discussion boards:


  • Fixed several progression issues that would prevent 100% completion of the game
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash if the Final Boss tried to throw a summoned creature or Rabbid Mechakoopa
  • Fixed a few text issues in localized versions of the game
  • Fixed a few issues where heroes would get stuck or move out of bounds
  • General optimization to increase framerates and ensure smooth gameplay


  • The game will now warn players if they have an empty Spark Slot before a battle
  • The Spark Skill Tree branch will now tease players to go find the Giant Enemies
  • Spark Quests have been made easier to discover in the quest log, and with an icon in the travel map
  • The battle level is now displayed both in the Beep-0 tacticam and battle menu
  • Battle objectives will now be more evident when the battle map is introduced
  • Difficulty level differences have been made more apparent
  • Improved visibility of roaming enemies off-screen that threaten the heroes
  • The specific duo Darkmess puddles, that reward weapon skins to individual heroes, will now display icons of the heroes required for the battle

Have you downloaded this update yet? Notice anything else? Comment below.