Image: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

A new gameplay showcase for Hogwarts Legacy has been broadcast, highlighting over 30 minutes' worth of direct gameplay footage from the PlayStation 5 version of the title.

We get a good look at how players will be able to navigate the world, utilising objects and creatures like broomsticks, Hippogriffs, and Thestrals. It's been confirmed that additional broomsticks can be purchased from a shop in Hogsmeade and, while these are purely for cosmetic purposes, you can apply general upgrades to your broom to improve speed and other attributes.

Elsewhere, the iconic Forbidden Forest location from the books and the movies is shown off alongside some pretty formidable Dark Arts combat. We see spells including the Avada Kedavra 'death spell' and the Crucio spell; something that would no doubt make Neville Longbottom shake in his boots.

The obvious thing to note here is just how stunning the game looks, including both its interior and exterior locations. It's going to be interesting to see exactly how this will look on the Switch, though considering there will be retail copies available for its July 25th, 2023 launch, we can almost certainly rule out a Cloud Version of the game.

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How do you think Hogwarts Legacy is shaping up? Are you going to check it out on Switch, or will you be opting for another platform? Let us know!