Back in 2018 we were completely enamoured by Dead Cells. A roguelite with gorgeous pixel art and enough intense action to fill many hours of play time, the game was, simply put, a blast. Now Sébastien Benard, the title's lead developer, is taking that sense of blast all the more literally, as their latest game, Nuclear Blaze, will see us tackling fires, explosions and the mystery behind a secret military facility (thanks, Eurogamer).

Revealed in the above announcement trailer, Nuclear Blaze will scorch its way (digitally) onto Switch on 28th April, 2023, with a physical release also coming from Red Art Games.

The game will see you playing as a firefighter who, dropped into a blazing inferno to find the source and look for survivors, uncovers a secret military base and whole lotta mystery hidden therein. Dead Cells was all about the roguelike action platforming and Nuclear Blaze looks to follow along similar lines, only this time with a little more fire.

The game released on Steam in October of last year and has since garnered a number of positive reviews. The Switch version looks to carry over much of this PC goodness (or Steam Deck, if you're fancy like that) including the addition of an easier 'Kid Mode' and a more intense 'Hold My Beer' mode.

For a closer look at some of Nuclear Blaze's features, check out the following from Red Art Games:

-Unique 2D firefighting game
-Smooth controls and gameplay mechanics
-Beautiful pixel art graphics
-Finely tuned difficulty settings
-Kid Mode with special levels and controls created for younger players
-“Hold my Beer” Mode adding hidden areas as well as new threats and tactical elements
-Hidden cats to save

The game will be scorching onto the eShop from April next year. Of course, if you are tempted to get the pre-orders in on the physical copies from Red Art then there are some small bonuses for you to look forward to including a keychain of the main character and three pins - ka-ching!

What do you make of Nuclear Blaze? Will you be picking up a copy? Unleash the flames in the comments below!

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