Teased during the OG Unwrapped Presentation earlier this year, Outright Games has now announced that it will be bringing DC's Justice League: Cosmic Chaos to the Switch for some family-friendly fun on 10th March, 2023.

If you were to look at the state of the DCEU at the moment, the phrase 'family friendly' might not immediately spring to mind. You've got several iterations of Batman beating seven shades out of criminals, two attempts at a Justice League movie which are better off forgotten and projects being cancelled left, right and centre. Nonetheless, PHL Collective and Outright Games have looked at this landscape and and decided that a family-friendly open-world adventure is the way to go - fair enough!

DC's Justice League: Cosmic Chaos will see you taking on the role of Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman as you attempt to save Happy Harbour from supervillain Mr. Mxyzptlk and his intergalactic pal, Starro the Conqueror (yep, the giant starfish from The Suicide Squad). Getting a closer looks at a first trailer and some screenshots, the game is certainly a Batarang's throw away from the dark chiselled universe of DC's renown - never has Superman looked so squishy - but as an attempt to bring a new generation into the superhero world, it might just work out.

For a little more information on the game's features and a look at some screens, check out the following from Outright Games:

One of the first villains that the Justice League fought against together in The Brave and the Bold No.28 in 1960, Starro the Conqueror, the mind controlling alien, wreaks havoc across the town. Players will face action-packed missions and must defeat hordes of enemies using each hero's unique abilities, from Superman’s Heat Vision and Super Breath to Wonder Woman’s Truth’s Pull, to restore peace. Fly, lasso and flip across Happy Harbor to complete puzzles and unlock outfits and special upgrades to customise the DC Super Heroes in this colourful open world adventure. Players can also interact with other Justice League members Green Lantern, Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman who make cameos throughout the game.

Promising some two player couch co-op to boot, this might not be the gritty Arkham vision that we think of when we hear "DC" and "video games" together in the same sentence, but it's certainly one way of bringing more Superman to the Switch.

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