When we reviewed Calico back in January 2021, we were less than impressed. The cute cat café sim had a few good things going for it, it is true, but the game was beset on all sides by bugs and glitches which brought the experience down a notch. Now, developer Peachy Keen Games and publisher Whitethorn Games have announced that the game is getting a sizeable new update in an attempt to fix some of these issues and add in more content besides.

The 'Pawsome Edition' (see what they did there?) update is available on Switch today and there is certainly a lot additions this time around. Aside from a UI and visual "overhaul", the update adds in new minigames to the baking side of play, new animals to kidnap adopt into your café environment and more customisation tools for the café itself.

The new cooking minigame is perhaps the biggest change here, with a focus on timing and accuracy coming to directly influence your sale prices. For more details on what this new addition holds, check out the following from Whitethorn Games:

The cooking that players have come to know and love have now been expanded! Each recipe now comes with its own series of minigames to perform in the kitchen. A new system for selling food in the cafe has also been added; time and accuracy in the recipe minigames will award players with a gold, silver, or bronze star, which will provide different bonuses to sales prices. But be careful: once customers have bought all the fresh food, star bonuses will disappear until that recipe is played again.

We haven't had a chance to try out this new update just yet, so cannot comment on how far it goes to fixing some of the large issues that we found with the game last year at launch. Fingers crossed it's in a much better state now.

What do you make of this latest update? Pluck your thoughts in the comments below!