Astroneer Project C.H.E.E.R
Image: System Era Softworks

Astroneer, the charming little Minecraft-meets-No Man's Sky sandbox, won us over when it was released back in January of this year and we have been enjoying regular updates ever since. Now the good folk over at System Era Softworks have introduced new festive content in an update titled 'Project C.H.E.E.R'.

Aside from the usual bug fixes and improvements, this update also introduces toy production and delivery ('tis the season, after all), special event missions and more.

For a detailed look at everything that the update brings, check out the full patch notes below.

Astroneer Ver. 'Project C.H.E.E.R' (5th December, 2022)

Project CHEER Delivery Event
Container wrecks have been spotted on Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio surrounded by various toys and debris. Production-minded Astroneers can create fresh toys via the Small Printer using Scrap and other resources.
It is curious that shipping containers keep crash-landing on planets in the Sylva System around this time each year… what’s going on with EXO’s logistics department? Must be a weird glitch in their subroutines. Maybe that explains the weird containers ERROR//LU-C1D filtration at 63% HelpHelpHelp that have been reported on Sylva, Desolo, and Calidor.

Packaged toys are worth different point amounts when shipped:
20 Points – Automaton 001s & 002s
35 Points – Cubic Objects
50 Points – Stellar Objects
75 Points – Cosmic Baubles (Printable from Small Printer)
125 Points – Astral Figurines (Found on Glacio)

EXO Dynamics rewards packages received with:
1500 Points – Holiday Throwback Bundle
Contains cosmetics rewarded from previous years:
Hat: “Boreal Beanie”
Mask: “Pudding Warmer”
3500 Points – Palette: ”Carbonated”
6500 Points – Emote: ”Shiver”
10000 Points – Hat: ”Seasonal Allure”

EXO supplies useful items and resources along the way to boost your recovery or production efforts. Randomized recurring rewards are available after completing the main event including:
Resin, Clay, Graphite
Packagers & Dynamite
Copper, Iron, Titanium, Tungsten
Small Power Items
Hydrazine & Jet Packs
EXO Chips
Nanocarbon Alloy

Special Event Missions
To support event-related communications, special missions have been added that will appear in the Mission Logs of players when a new event is active. Players only need to activate an EXO Request Platform rocket to start the current event and complete the mission.

Community Reward
As with previous years, all package points will go towards unlocking a global total that will grant everyone in the community a FEZANT hat! We will be tracking progress via social media so when you complete the event, you can continue sending rewards to help make sure the gift gets unlocked for everyone!

Tether Toppers
Multi-colored lights return to adorn the tether lines of intrepid Astroneers! Use them as decorations, in support of your construction projects, or simply enjoy their merry glow

The following bugs have been fixed as of version
AS-18369 | Crash | Game will no longer crash when placing a Sturdysquash Sample into a Research Chamber that is on the same platform as a Cauldrangea.
AS-18370 | Crash | The game will no longer run out of memory very quickly while idling in certain saves in shipping builds
AS-18371 | LTEs | The requested item icons and point values are no longer duplicated while in the care package phase of the LTE
AS-18535 | Holiday LTE | Packagers spawned in with the rest of the LTE items will now get removed when the LTE ends
AS-18560 | Localization | Japanese is now for the G. novus Shells mission title
AS-18562 | Localization | Japanese is no longer missing for Astroneer log

The following is still a known issue as of version:
AS-18391 | Mini-Smelter | Leaving relevance and relaunching the game while a Portable Smelter is running may put it in a broken state
AS-18169 | Localization | Rails | The end of C.O.L.E.’s description in the catalog is cut off in several languages, omitting the power requirements
AS-18554 | SWITCH | Overachiever | The Overachiever Palette does not unlock when completing all the tasks
AS-17750 | Multiplayer | Compass | Client’s compass will be completely empty after teleporting to any planet from the station
AS-17386 | Switch | UI | The Reconnect UI does not appear to allow players to reconnect to interrupted multiplayer sessions
AS-16898 | Rover | Drill | Using a drill attached to a rover will eventually slow the Rover to a stop on Console
AS-14453 | Dedicated Server | Error message when attempting to join with incorrect password just says “Join Failed”
AS-11556 | Audio | Main Menu music will persist after loading a save before the actual in game music begins playing
AS-18196 | Rails | The Trade Platform’s rocket can be pulled onto the Rail Station if it is set to “UNLOADS STOPPED CARS”
AS-18141 | Rails | Dedicated Server | Rail Items are not appearing for the client in multiplayer sessions
AS-18242 | Multiplayer | The Client’s compass is completely empty in a community save
AS-18627 | Mission Log | When a tracked mission is completed it will no longer track the follow-up missions

What are you the most excited to see in this update? Blast down to the comments and let us know!