Final Fantasy V
Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy V is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Japan today! Geez.

Released on the Super Famicom on 6th December 1992, Final Fantasy V was a return to the Job System set-up of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy III on the NES. It's also sandwiched between what many consider two of the best Final Fantasy games ever — Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI — and because of its lack of an official English localisation on the SNES (fans had to wait until 1999's PS1 rerelease), it doesn't always get the love it deserves.

While its story may be on the simpler side, Final Fantasy V is rightly lauded for its massive Job System. Simplifying things from III, Final Fantasy V gives you 22 jobs (and four additional ones in the GBA version) to play around with, and plenty of them are new. While classics like Knight, Black Mage, and Monk all return, but a few now-iconic classes were introduced in this entry such as Blue Mage, Samurai, Chemist, and that bell-ringing classic Geomancer.

In Final Fantasy V, jobs were easier than ever to level up and swap between, and you could learn skills from those jobs and equip at least one skill on another job — with Freelancer being able to equip two. It's endlessly addicting, especially as there's no penalty for swapping between jobs.

In recent years, this Super Famicom favourite has been getting some new-found attention. Though the game is perhaps most famous nowadays for the hugely popular event Four Job Fiesta, where players are randomly assigned four jobs and they can only play as those four jobs for the whole game.

Square Enix itself has gotten involved in the celebrations, sharing this incredible acoustic arrangement of one of the game's most iconic pieces of music, 'Battle at the Big Bridge'.

Of course, if you're a Final Fantasy fan, you're probably aware that the entire series is approaching a huge milestone in the next couple of weeks — and we might be joining in the celebrations there too — but we wanted to celebrate Final Fantasy V too. Most recently, Final Fantasy V was rereleased in Pixel Remaster form (which we're still waiting to see on Switch, Square!).

So, happy birthday to what is one of the most influential games in the series — Final Fantasy V! Let us know what you think of this classic in the comments, and join us in begging for those Pixel Remasters on Switch — again!