Splatoon 3 Splatfest Pokémon
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Update [Mon 14th Nov, 2022 10:30 GMT]: The winner of the Splatoon x Pokémon Splatfest event is Team Water, represented by Big Man!

Congratulations to Team Water. At the time of writing, it also happens that most of you fine people also voted for Team Water in our poll, winning with 36% of the vote! Team Fire came in second place at 34%, with Team Grass taking the bronze with 30%.

We'll be keeping an eye out for Nintendo's next Splatfest announcement, but for now, stay fresh!

Team Water
Image: @SplatoonNA / Nintendo

Original Article [Fri 11th Nov, 2022 17:00 GMT]:

After skipping October, it's Splatfest time once again in Splatoon 3! And in anticipation of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's launch next week, it has to be a Pokémon-themed one, doesn't it?

And Splatoon is asking the age-old question that longtime Pokémon fans agonise over with every new Pokémon generation — which Starter type will you choose? Or, as Nintendo puts it "What's your partner Pokémon type?".

As with every Splatoon 3 Splatfest, you'll get to pick from one of three teams - Grass-type, represented by Shiver; Fire-type, represented by Frye; and Water-type, represented by Big Man (he may as well be Mantine, after all). Perhaps your potential Scarlet & Violet starter type is influencing your vote?

The last Splatfest, which took place in September, put your deserted island accompaniments up against each other — Gear, Grub, or Fun. And Team Gear won.

Since the Pokémon Splatfest kicks off this weekend, we want to know which team you'll be fighting for in this weekend's event! Vote in our poll below, and check out our guide for all of the details of the event:

For more specific times on when you can start splatting for the win, here's a list of times per region right here:

  • Europe: 12th November (12am GMT / 1am CET) to
  • 14th November (12am GMT / 1am CET)
  • North America/Australia/New Zealand: 11th November (4pm PT) / 12th November (10am AET / 1pm NZT) to 13th November (4pm PT) / 14th November (10am AET / 12pm NZT)
  • Japan - 12th November (9am JST) to 14th November (9am JST)
Which Splatfest team will you be choosing?