Eastasiasoft has announced that Super Woden GP will be screeching onto the Switch next week, 9th November, and its latest trailer (above) is giving us all of the retro racing vibes.

There are enough racing games out there to fill a starting grid 100 times over, so Super Woden GP is looking to stand out from the competitors by reversing in time rather than accelerating forward. Framed from an isometric perspective (Super R.C. Pro-Am, anyone?) with the low-poly graphics of titles like Colin McRae Rally on the PS1 (or, indeed, Colin McRae Rally 2.0 on the GBA), this racing title sets out to be a blast from the past.

While it might not look quite as expansive as the other games in the genre, there is a campaign mode and split-screen multiplayer for up to four drivers so there is potential for this to work in the lower-stakes party environment - after having finished with Mario Kart, of course.

For an idea of some of the features that the game has to offer as well as a look at that retro aesthetic, check out the following from eastasiasoft:

- Advance your career across a world map of possibilities!
- Race through forests, cities, deserts, snowy landscapes and more.
- Collect more than 70 vehicles, from compacts to rally cars and even prototypes!
- Repaint any of your vehicles at the shop.
- Compete in local split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 racers!

Super Woden GP releases on Switch 9th November for the pretty reasonable price of £10.99 / 11.99€ / $11.99. If you have exhausted (pun intended) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe while we wait for the next wave of courses and fancy a different kind of racer, perhaps this could be worth taking for a spin.

What do you make of Super Woden GP? Accelerate down to the comments and let us know!

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