Cozy Grove
Image: Spry Fox

Spry Fox, the Seattle developer behind the Cozy Grove games, has revealed it's joined Netflix to become the streaming giant's sixth "in-house games studio".

Cozy Grove was an Animal Crossing-inspired title released on the Nintendo Switch in April last year, and will be followed by a second game, possibly "by the end of 2023".

For Spry Fox, this new partnership means it can "continue making the games" it already was, but with "more support and resources" to make them better and release them to more people around the globe.

"We are a studio that builds original, world-class cozy games. Especially games that bring people together. And we are confident that Netflix is going to help us do that."

It also takes the pressure off having to "generate profit" and will supposedly allow the team to make its games as enjoyable and fulfilling to players as possible. The developer says it will be able to tap "creative people" within Netflix, too.

Spry Fox has reassured fans all of its existing games would remain "downloadable and available in their current forms on their current platforms". As for its future games like Cozy Grove 2 - there is "no change" in the company's development efforts.

Netflix already has games studios like Next Games, Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment.

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