Cozy Grove Summer Update

Last year, the adorable life sim-esque game Cozy Grove came out on Switch, and although we gave it a bit of a lukewarm review at the time, we were still won over by its gorgeous visuals and its commitment to being a game that demands very little of your time.

With a frankly ludicrous amount of updates since then, the game has only continued to develop and gain more fans — enough, evidently, for a sequel (tentatively titled Cozy Grove 2).

Here's what developers Spry Fox had to say on their website about the reasoning behind a sequel:

One major challenge we face is that continuing to deliver updates has become increasingly difficult for us as tech debt builds up, despite our many attempts over the past year to tackle that. At the same time, most of the revenue and platform financial support that pays for all these free updates came to us over a year ago with the launch of the game.

All of this combines to make it extremely difficult to deliver new content and features that our community is telling us it wants (like for example new locations to explore.) So we’ve concluded that the best thing for Cozy Grove and for all its fans is for us to commit to making a sequel!

The important things to note about Cozy Grove 2 are that it will take a while — Spry Fox are hoping to "have it done by the end of 2023," but making no promises — and it will contain new ghost bears, new environments, and the return of beloved characters like Flamey and Scoutmaster Blake.

We want to do this right and to bring you more of the things you loved, plus completely new features that will delight you. You’ve all been so kind and supportive to us and we want Cozy Grove 2 to be worthy of you.

What do you think about a Cozy Grove sequel? Did you enjoy the first? Are you still playing it? Tell us in the comments!